Meet Melissa & Renuka Krishna

On the brink of a new, exciting life as a college grad, Melissa wanted a special way to thank the person who inspired her most – her mother Renuka. And what better way to show her appreciation than sharing a fabulous makeover by expert stylists. Renuka’s positive attitude and dedication […]

Meet Lisa & Janet

Lisa and her mother Janet’s time in the spotlight was long overdue. These dedicated mothers rarely took a break to focus on their own needs. That all changed as they finally took center stage with the makeover of a lifetime from the “Look Fab” experts. Check out the inspiring transformation […]

Meet Jessica & Gloria

Gloria and Jessica have always been determined to reach their goals. On top of raising her five children, Gloria recently completed her honors degree in Nursing, and her daughter Jessica has confidently embraced the challenge of heading off to university. With so much effort dedicated to their studies, there has […]

Meet Carole-Ann & Erica

Erica and Carole-Ann have enjoyed their share of adventures together. Whether traveling through Alberta, China or Thailand, they’ve always shared a common love of exploration. As Erica prepared for married life – her greatest journey yet – it was only fitting that she have one last get-away before her special […]