Stay In Compliance With Snow Removal

Snow falling even during the summer is not a shock to residents of Calgary. It is not usual for residents in the northeast to be completely snowed in. This occurs due to huge snow storms and brisk winds that can easily pile the snow into drifts, as high as eight feet high. As beautiful as snow fall is on trees and in Calgary yards, after snow stops falling, residents have 24 hours only to remove snow and ice from sidewalks and pathways. For this reason, snow removal is paramount!

Commercial and residential owners in the City are responsible for removing snow and ice from their property. If owners and occupants of a home or business has not removed ice and snow within 24 hours, the City work force will remove it, with the cost invoiced to property owners. Any failure to pay this bill, its cost will be added to the property taxes. No one understands Calgary snow falls, even when unexpected, like a Calgary snow removal company.

Snow removal companies provide snow removal services, i.e., snow plowing, shoveling, clearing sidewalks, driveways, pathways, salting and removing ice. The company carries the latest in snow removal equipment, such as snow blowers, sweepers, skid steers, loaders, snow plows and snow plow equipped pick-up trucks and more. Companies that provide snow removal services can be identified through their accreditation in the Accredited Snow Contractors Association (“ASCA”).

As an accredited snow removal company, their basic principles are to provide timely snow and ice removal services in compliance with the City of Calgary bylaws. Their service is to provide an easy and safe access, a clear and safe pathway and sidewalk to protect residential and commercial residents from liability. After all, a build-up of snow and ice can be dangerous for everyone coming and going from your home or business.

Experienced snow removal professionals work hard to make sure that their top priority is safety, so you can ensure clear and safe access for all, and reduce liability. Snow removal contracting companies also offers a variety of services to include gravel and sand services, ice chipping and melting and snow hauling. Snow removal contractors are available with 24hours a day, 7 days a week regularly scheduled services and emergency services.

Experienced snow removal experts don’t just show up and begin plowing. They perform a careful and a thorough inspection to remove any potential hazards that is created from snow and ice formations. Their expertise is to protect residents from danger and liability and to help Calgarians to meet the required bylaw requirements so that residents can avoid fines, added taxes or tickets.